Breaking down my top three dressy looks for summer nights!

Dear ladies, today I broke down some of my fav go to looks for hot summer nights, picking only the best quality trendy items for the most affordable prices! As you all already know by now, my go to place for affordable trendy stuff is (once again) Zaful. What I've been loving this past month were the Zaful dresses .I don't wear dresses that much, but for summer nights they are a must. So I picked some of the most eye catching and affordable ones for you, and paired it with some other cute stuff to complete the looks. Check out all the top fashionable dresses I picked out for you, and make sure to click the links bellow the outfits too. I also got a coupon code ready for you, and you can save some nice $$$ with it. So by using the coupon code ZFAnn you are going to save 3 usd on orders over 25usd, 6 usd on orders over 50 usd and 12 usd on orders over 100 usd. Enjoy!

My fav combo to start off this fashion hunt is this simple but super elegant Satin look. I loved Hailey Baldwins look so much that I had to recreate it. Since I didn't find the colors that matched her outfit I went for the red and black combination. The dress can look great paired with a kimono or and nice long blazer, so for this price I would suggest you go and grab it right away. It comes in a range of different colors, my favorites are the red and the royal blue one. Shop this outfit by clicking on the links down bellow:

If you wanna go for something a bit more eccentric, take a look at this!
The faux suede dress is the perfect pastel shade of lilac and with a little bit of tan and sparkling lotion, you're gonna look like a true pastel summer goddess in this mini dress. Since summer nights can get a bit chilly you need something to put on top, so I picked this simple denim jacket with a beautiful pastel embroidery Rose detail on the back. Combine it with some cute sandals, a layered jewellery and a nice watch and you're ready to go! Shop the outfit on the links down bellow:

The most simple looking outfit, but wait! 
The best part of this outfit is the ruffle midi skirt. This skirt is super versatile and looks great on ALL body types! For summer nights I would combine it with a graphic hoodie, but if you're not a fan of the whole graphic tee and hoodies trend, you can choose from a wide range of tops. You can combine it with pretty much anything. From a simple top or bralette, to a off the shoulder blouse, ruffled blouses, see through blouses it looks great with anything(and a pair of heeled sandals ofcourse)! Shop this outfit down bellow:

Hope you enjoyed the looks I picked out for you, see you soon in another shopping post!
Love, Dotted

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