#summer wishlist

Summer vibes consist of lots of summer preps which means shopping! On the hunt for affordable summer pieces I decided to scroll through some of my favorite online shops. Picking out the best stuff was hard because there are tons of great summer pieces. 

Piece I liked best are these bling bling bow sliders. In a world full of satin bow sliders, I never saw a pair that catched my eye as much as this pair! I don't know which part I like most. The color or the details? They cost 27$ which in my oppinion is a great price for these cool sliders. Check them out by clicking the link down bellow.

Next two pieces I would combine into an outfit are this ruffled hem skirt and a simple shirt with a cute print. I love the combination of the colors as well, and you can dress it up or down while being comfy, so this outfit would be my go to daily outfit for summer.

Next two pieces are cute accessories! Summer is my fav time of the year for treating myself with cute accessories, so deciding which I'm going to get from SheIn was hard because there is heaps of hella cute stuff for the beach and casual dressing, but I picked the two that complimented the outfit i chose and went for a cute pair of red sunglasses + a visor hat(hello 90s childhood)

Aaand last but not least, a must have piece for hitting the beach is a cute swimsuite. Having a baby and not having time to workout made me start wearing onepieces, which I absolutely fell in love with but this time I wanted to get something different and find a good two piece. Being a polka dot and ruffles fanatic this swimsuit definitely caught my eye so I went for that one. The model of the swimsuit will I think suite my curves best and hide all the stuff that should be hidden and it's going to look great with the watermellon visor hat and some high waisted shorts, so I'm very excited about this piece!


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